3 Best Books For Aspiring Sales People

3 Best Books For Today’s Salesman

When I started out in sales years and years ago I had to take each day as a new learning curve. I wasn’t put through extensive training programs, online classes, or even a spot on process. Instead I took it upon myself to blindly google around and see how to make it work in this whole thing called “sales” while given mentored advice as situations came through in the moment. Because of this I felt my growth as a salesman was mediocre at best in the beginning and decided I will give my opinion on what to read in hopes you will not undergo the same path  I did. Today I am giving you my three BEST books that have, not only caught me up with the rest, but have taken my sales game to the next level and beyond! So here we go, the three books every salesman needs.

SELL OR BE SOLD, Grant Cardone

Grant Cardone, Sell or be Sold

This book has to be my absolute favorite! For those who haven’t heard the name yet, Grant Cardone is a real estate mogul who started with nothing at the age 26 and has grown his portfolio to almost a billion dollars inside of just a few decades. Not only does he enjoy real estate, Grant can be seen flooding YouTube channels with his own podcast, had and has many television shows, and most of all he travels the world giving motivational seminars for entrepreneurs and sales people alike. For the seasoned sales person looking to step their game up or new to the world of sales in general this book is a must read. It is more of a “how-to” without going in too much detail and rambling on with sales jargon.

He believes once the recession hit, America as we know entered into a new economy and breaks down how people really shop and make spending decisions today. I have to say I owe most of the deals I have made to this book, I went from 4 cars in one month to 16 the next! Click Here to find out more!


Zig Ziglar, Secrets of Closing the Sale

Zig Ziglar is considered more of the godfather, along side Tom Hopkins respectfully, of the sales techniques we know and use today. Having come up in the middle of the 20th century selling kitchen utensils door to door, Zig quickly rose to success and moved over into teaching sales through his traveling speaking classes. He is the author of many books but I would have to say, Secrets of Closing The Sale, is a must have! Although some of the writing is the “how-to” style, most of how this book flows is really through his personal experiences while pointing out how he converts these experiences into techniques. Techniques that became tried and true. 

When you strip away some of the fluff in the writing you discover this is the ultimate book on closing techniques from start to finish. I have yet to come across a book so well written, easy to use, and only focused on closing techniques. And we both know selling is nothing if the deal doesn’t close! To find out more or simply to purchase Click Here


Tom Hopkins, Master the Art of Selling

As mentioned earlier, Tom Hopkins and Zig Ziglar are considered the godfathers of sales. This was actually the first real book on sales I ever owned and it really helped me through the beginning. It was recommended to me by a coworker and I have yet to put this book down all these years!

Its a very easy read, and being 386 pages, it is choc full of anything and everything having to do with sales. Tom breaks down the sales cycle and walks the reader through each step while offering new ways to perceive and implement, all the while how to maintain professionalism. This is a must have, not only for sales people, but for anyone having a tough time progressing in life. He gives advice on how to apply these techniques with your boss, spouse, kids at home, and really everyone you encounter. A sales person without this book is just a knight without a sword! To find out more or simply to purchase Click Here


There are books upon books available out there for the inspiring sales person. But it is these three that have turned me into a sales superstar over the years and I will always stand by that! I know what you’re thinking “But Mr. Author, do you really believe in these books or are you just tying to sell something?” Well I’m glad you asked!…

I own all three plus more!

I own all three to this day! These books are just the beginning with many more to learn from. From University RV we wish you the best of luck in sales.

(I make a commission if any purchased is made through the links at no additional cost to you)

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