Qisa 32,800 mAh Solar Charger

Hello everyone and welcome back!. As you know, there was a huge winter storm that swept through the United States in February 2021 bringing treacherous winds and brutal temps never before seen. Some temps even as low at -30 and below!

The storm brought more than just the weather itself, but also huge power outages across the state of Texas. How could we charge our phones and stay up with the news without any power? You could charge off your vehicle but trust us it gets old quick. To go outside in the cold, back and forth, many times a day just to have enough battery to last a few hours. It was time to try a solar panel power bank we kept hearing about and so we did.

We chose to give the Qisa a try for many reasons. First, it had excellent reviews with a big emphasize on the power bank size. Second, it can change multiple devices without lagging on any one particular device.

After a few weeks were happy to say so far so good! It is very lightweight and super durable. The flashlight has been a tremdous help and with all the ports for charging, it has truly become a charging station hub. Hopefully when the weather warms up we can really try it out on our boon docking RV trips and tent camping soon! We think this should be added to your RV Starter Kit for sure. For more details continue reading or click the button below or here!

  • 32800mAh Large-Capacity and strong LED flashlight: 32800mAh large-capacity power bank with solar panel can charge multiple devices simultaneously. It’s perfect for carrying around, allowing you to keep mobile devices fully charged anytime and anywhere. The built-in strong LED flashlight is powerful that provides long run times. Have three working modes(Double-click the power button to switch strong light/ flash/ SOS) to help you send emergency signaling.
  • Qi wireless charging and multiple output Ports: equipped with Qi wireless charging technology, the portable solar power bank is well compatible with all Qi-enabled devices. Built-in dual USB outputs, it allows you to charge 3 devices at the same time! NOTE: Only Qi-enabled devices are compatible with the wireless charging function.
  • Dual input ports and solar charging: with dual input ports (high speed Type-C and Micro USB), the power bank can charge devices through 2 input ports at the same time. It delivers the highest possible charging speed that is almost twice as fast as using the ordinary power bank with single input port. the solar panel can absorb sun light and convert it into electricity.
  • Rugged & heavy duty IP66: with rugged design, it features excellent dustproof, shockproof, and waterproof properties. Made of durable ABS material, has a certified IP 66 rating; Suitable for various harsh environments.Equipped with slings and. carabiners, Ideal for camping, hiking, travel and other emergency situations.
  • We are committed to providing products and services which make all customers satisfied! Hence, we sincerely hope that such shopping experience can give you a happy memory.

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